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Early Childhood Education is Changing!

Today, early childhood education is about exposing young children to "intentional" play-based opportunities where social-emotional and kinder readiness skills are embedded into play-based experiences.   Using the classroom as a third teacher, the environment is a critical component to the children's learning process.  Based on the Reggio Emilia philosophy- naturalistic, inviting and comfortable spaces that are creative yet not over stimulating.  Developmentally appropriate hands-on experiences are designed by teachers (supported by curriculum) with close attention to children's interests support skill development within specific modalities.   
We recognize all children grow and develop an their own pace.  The ECDC seeks to support children where they are while building the desire and confidence needed to explore and grow.  The ECDC uses the Desired Results Developmental Rating Scale in conjunction with the Learning Genie app as a guide to skill acquisition and to create a portfolio of development for parents.  These are the 43 measures we observe daily.
DRDP Measures  
Below are links to a guideline of developmental milestone outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the areas of Social and Emotional, Language and Communication, Cognitive (learning, thinking, problem-solving) and Movement and Physical Development by age.   Interesting...Check this out!
2 months          4 months        6 months
9 months      1 year           18 months     2 years